The ingredients aim at achieving maximal effects which will improve endurance during intensive physical exercise and work on a muscular and athletic body. Knockout is a dietary supplement that provides your body with many important ingredients that enable you to overcome training plateau and provide the necessary stimuli to intensify the results. Choosing Knockout from Olimp, expect following effects:

An intensive muscle pump

Faster transportation of nutrients to your muscles

Reduced fatigue and increased endurance

Additional support for the nervous system by increasing your concentration

Noticeably better training effects resulting from ideal conditions for building lean muscle mass

Knockout 2.0 – how to use it?

The container of Knockout supplement contains 30 recommended servings, which gives over one month of extremely effective supplementation. Due to the strong effect of the supplement it is recommenced to be taken only on workout days, about 30 minutes before physical activity. Add 1 scoop of the product to approximately 250 ml of water and consume it immediately after preparation. Due to the high caffeine content, the product should not be used in the evening.

Do not be a punching bag – KNOCKOUT’ your opponent!

Knockout – a real punch to the lack of effects!

Knockout – stronger, harder, now!

If you use powdered supplements or drink mixes, you’ve experienced this struggle. You move the container, and the scoop settles. You store the container on its side, and the scoop settles. Not anymore!ScoopMateTM is an innovative new product that allows you to conveniently access the scoop within any container, without the risk of messes or contamination.

Makes finding your scoop easy! End the search! The ScoopMateTM was designed to store the scoop within the lid or on the side of a bag so the scoop is always positioned for easy access. Finding your scoop is easy no matter how full or empty your container is.

Reduces contamination and messes! The ScoopMateTM reduces product contamination and messes by removing the need to “dig” for the scoop!

Designed for a universal scoop fit! The ScoopMateTM was designed to be a one-fits-all product. From protein to infant formula, ScoopMateTM is your answer.

It’s removable! When you empty one container, simply move yourScoopMateTM to the new container. ScoopMateTM was designed with versatility at the forefront.

Genius Pre-workout

Stim free: you can work out in the evening and still be able to sleep. Also better for caffeine sensitive people.